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Madrid is a top destination for night owls on clubbing holidays. The German capital has also long been a capital of counter-culture cool. Go out on Friday night for a bier and roam the weekend, arriving back at the hotel early Monday morning taking in the infamous Berghain, Watergate and more! The capital of Argentina has a legendary nightlife. From electronica to rock to salsa, you can party all night long. Amsterdam is ready to party all week long. You can dance all night or chill out till they kick you out in the Dutch capital!

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Does the idea of wild, night long, open air parties in guaranteed warm weather sound like your idea of heaven? A true party in paradise.

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Phuket also has its fair share of crazy club life. Synonymous with spring break, when countless American college kids head down south, Cancun has a truly epic party scene all year round. The Hotel Zone clubs get some of the biggest DJs and entertainers, to visit and perform. Top of the list of Cancun clubbing is Coco Bongo, where live music, flying acrobats, confetti glitter showers and bar-top congas are a regular occurrence! Looking for travel inspiration and other deals?

Sign up with your email address to receive automatically-created personalised content from us and our selected partners. This could be because of no availability for the selected dates or destination. Please try again choosing alternative dates. Call to book. Need help? My lastminute. Clubbing Holidays Are you up to get on down this summer holiday? Ibiza Regarded by many as the party capital of the world, Ibiza excels at good times and great tunes.

Malia From open-air festivals to international DJs, boat parties, and foam parties, there are plenty of essentials for all clubbing holidays in Malia. Miami Beach Known for sun, sand, surf and glitzy nightlife, Miami is a party destination with a touch of celebrity glamour, a place where Versace and Madonna would party the night through. Madrid The Spanish capital really comes alive at night, especially during those hot summer months.

Berlin The German capital has also long been a capital of counter-culture cool. Buenos Aires The capital of Argentina has a legendary nightlife.

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They were the first people we met on the holiday and the last people we saw when leaving. Both of them were amazing when helping us with a problem on the last night. They came out almost every night with us even on their nights off and they introduced and sold to us 2 events- The Full Moon Party and The Paint Party. I definitely recommend them as they were amazing. You payed for the events in advance and you received a free T-shirt to wear for it also.

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  6. The pool area is on the front of the hotel by the road and we did feel worried about this but you don't notice too much, the pool and the area around it is cleaned every night. The bar staff are so lovely and friendly, the woman and young boy were welcoming always. They made and served beautiful food all day and it's also cheap to buy. There is a small supermarket opposite to the left and one just a few minutes down the road on the right, we used these to supply water in the rooms and snacks for the day and night.

    When walking towards the strip of clubs, turning right out the hotel will lead you to many bars to pre drink at, we recommend Players Bar, The Island and Glamour Bar. They were the clubs we used all week and they were cheap inside and the music was so good in there. The only downfall of the holiday which did ruin the amazing experience we had was how rude the owners and the maid of the hotel were. On our last night an incident happened in our hotel room which involved my friend needing an ambulance called for her. The maid found my friend and called the ambulance but left her in the room alone and didn't get any other help.

    The reps- Sian and Georgia, and the lads who were also in the hotel as guests were supportive with this incidence, we could not have got through it without them. When returning to the hotel the next morning with only 15 minutes to get our stuff and check out the room to get our transfer in time. The maid was sent to the rooms to check them over, she was so picky in all the rooms and spent a long time there trying to find anything she could to charge everyone with. However, our room has some blood on the sheets due to the incidence the night before, although the maid was the person who found my friend she was so unsympathetic.

    They insisted the money there and then, they had my passport and my other friends and would not give them back until we payed. Overall, the holiday was amazing and so were the reps. But the hotel owners and maid let this hotel down so much. They are rude, treat all the young people badly due to their age and they charge you for any mark or problem they can find.

    Unless you know you won't get a bit makeup, food, or dust on the sheets or towels. I do not recommend this hotel at all. I travelled with four other girls so there were five of us, it first started off when we pre booked our seats all together and then found out that we were all split up on the plane, that ruined the flight there.

    When we got there the transfer was fast and we were the first hotel off. The first impression of the hotel was that it looked clean and tidy, even though it was a little small, it eventually meant that you got close to others round the pool and the others staying there. The rooms were simple, three beds, bathroom and balcony, with minimal cooking facilities, two hobs only, didn't have a kettle or toaster which was promised, however we ate out most of the time. Anyway the full moon party was the best, defo advise going there, the other nights we just went to the strip, the strip is around 20 min walk from the hotel just go right then turn left at the go kart place and all the clubs awaits.

    We went to clubs like wakiki, cherry bay, rescues, zeros and bubbles, which we loved. The best thing about booking the events were that you met the other people at the hotel, we made friends with 6 lads who also came the same day as us and all became such good friends, couldn't wish for better people to meet. The Friday we went to the paint party, also advise going here it was the best night of the holiday, paint everywhere and such good songs playing, however with this hotel i really do advise having a shower after, even if it is at 5am like we did, because if you get one mark on the bedding you WILL get fined!

    Throughout the holiday we ate at the hotel, Players Bar just up the road for breakfast and went to The Island, also just up the road, for group meals, they do 2 drinks, starter and a main only for 15 euros defo worth it. The woman working there is also amazing, gave us free shots and works so hard! Overall the holiday we had was not forgettable, the only downside, and this is a big one, was the way the staff in the hotel treated us. The bar staff were lovely, the woman and the young boy, however the owners of the hotel and the maid had such disgusting ways for treating people.

    I was a Club 18-30 party rep but was forced to quit my job when I got pregnant – now I make £300k

    An event happened on our last night in the room which caused one of our friends to be emitted to hospital, not even under the influence of alcohol, the maid clearly saw what happened and didn't do one thing to help us, only called an ambulance then left. What made things worse, due to the accident the was blood everywhere, she still had the decency to charge us EUROS!! Besides that, this was a holiday were never going to forget, such an amazing location however only wish is that they understand little marks will be made on the sheets and can easily be washed out, they overcharge for unnecessary things just to make more money and take advantage of the fact that they are young people.

    Do recommend hotel if you are certain you wont make one single mark or don't mind getting fined a lot. Stayed at Kostas last year for my first girls holiday with 8 others and honestly had the most amazing time!! The food was amazing and so so cheap, as well as the drinks. The rooms were basic but still very nice, not much room but that didn't bother us because we were only in the rooms when we were going to be. We were all very nervous about staying here because we read about how they charge you ridiculous amounts for damages that were already there, but we didn't find this to be the case at all.

    However, my room did get charger 20 euros for damages to the sheets but it was totally our fault because we did get our sheets completely dirty after one of the last nights. The bar staff were so friendly, especially the young girl who was on the bar everyday. They even helped us phone an ambulance when our friend fell ill on one of the first nights from heat stroke, and they were so reassuring.

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    The strip is about a 5 minute walk down the road and there's plenty of bars and restaurants to stop in on the way. I would highly recommend cream and Revs for pre-drinks on your way to the strip. Also, the paint party in rescues and full moon party were definitely the 2 best nights of my life!!

    Me and my friend just got back from this hotel last week and i can honestly say, for the price, its an amazing place to stay! At first we wasnt sure about staying in a pretty small hotel as we thought it wouldnt be very lively but we ended up prefering it this way as we got talking to so many people and it was really nice to come back to a resobably quiet hotel after a mental night out! The hotel staff are so friendly, always saying hello and making you feel welcome! They have a snack bar at the hotel which offers great priced food and drink.

    Only downfall is you need to be really careful not get fined! After reading reviews about the hotel before we arrived, me and my friend was trying to be extra careful all week but still got fined for getting one of the sheets dirty which we took full responsibility for but just warning you!

    No one makes you aware of this when you arrive at the hotel, they just come to your door demanding money!

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    Id reccomend you get a safe but wouldnt bother with air con. We didnt get it because our room was always cool! Also you only get your sheets changed and room cleaned once throughout your stay so just be mindful of this! When you arrive at the hotel, even early hours in the morning like us, the reps will try and sell you all of their events. We was so gutted we payed the reps for them all because some days we was too hungover for the day time events and didnt end up going! Next time, we are just going to buy tickets from the people that work at the clubs themselves on the streets as we still got really good deals!

    Whilst in zante i would definitly reccomend peri heven and chevys for food, they where our favourites! They have numerous plug sockets, next to both sides of bed too and 2 mirrors, one in bathroom, one in main room. Beds where pretty comfy too to top it off! Overall, we had the most amazing week at a hotel full of lovely staff, it was a great atmosphere! Also its only a 5 min walk to the start of the strip, around 15 mins to the main clubs, depending on how many people from the bars try stopping you on the way, persuading you to come in for a drink! Thank you for an amazing stay!

    I was abit skeptical as i'm not exactly a party animal and nor is my partner, we just wanted to relax. So when we arrived we told the rep that we wasn't looking for a 'party holiday' and we'd ask if we wanted anything. Thankfully the reps in the hotel understood and they would just slip the occasional leaflet through the door.

    The hotel staff was very friendly to us, they always said hello and we had many conversations with them. I couldn't fault the maid and the bar staff. They also had cheap decent snack food available. This place is perfect if you're looking for a party holiday, the place is filled with young guests etc. Which we didn't mind at first until we was woken up all early hours on the morning. With people jumping in the pool, shouting and knocking on our door as drunk people do. We did not get fined at all, we saw other young groups of people fined but they did admit to causing the damage.

    The people who wrote that they were fined was most likely drunk and can't remember what they did, the staff was honest people. The major only down fall was the room was run down, the shower door kept coming off its hinges. So we had to struggle to keep putting it back on. Also the shower leaked heavily from a crack which meant our bathroom floor was soaked for hours after. My bed was broken, couple of the wooden bars underneath were snapped. The TV wouldn't work, which didn't affect us too much as we was out but we had a few rainy days were it would of been nice. Though that is what you expect from a cheap hotel in Laganas.

    We did not report any of this incase the rumours about the fines were true, in case they could have shifted the blame onto us. Also you have to pay for aircon 70euros a week, we didn't. The hotel isn't on the main strip luckily, but it is a 5 min walk from it. That's 5 minutes if you don't get hassled by all of the men outside of the restaurants on the way which becomes draining. As they jump in front of you and don't let you pass, trying to force you into their bar or restaurant.

    Overall, Zante is a lovely small island with a lot to offer. For example we paid 80euros for a cc quad for a week and 60 euros for a boat for the day! Its a shame about the restaurant owners who have no respect and pressure you heavily every night to eat there. Definitely a place to tick off things on your bucket list for half the price as anywhere else.